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Your Real Estate Journey - Let’s Make it a Smooth Ride

Updated: May 5, 2021

Let me ask you a question. Would you drive down the road with your eyes closed? Of course not!

Now, guess what else you shouldn’t do blindly? Buy or sell a home. Working with a professional Realtor who knows what they’re doing (like me!) is the equivalent of playing it smart for a successful transaction.

My name is Duane Mitchell, and I’ve been in the real estate industry for almost 20 years. I love my hometown of Atlanta, and I love helping buyers and sellers get the experience they deserve. Since 2004, I’ve gained knowledge to benefit a wide variety of clients, no matter what “journey” they are on: buying for the first time, investing, selling a foreclosure or something in between.

My new website is designed to help you decide if I’m the right agent for you to work with. I know real estate in Atlanta is complex, and your needs are complex too, so I’ve structured my website with you in mind. You’ll find information on:

  • Foreclosures

  • Broker Services

  • First Time Buying

  • New Home Sales

and more!

There are also a few videos of me sharing stories about previous transactions. That way, you feel like you already know me by the time you pick up the phone or send me an email.

….Of course, real estate isn’t ALL about personal relationships. It’s also about the Atlanta

market, and what your home or your neighbor’s home is worth.

Curious what would happen if you sell? Find out for free what your home might be worth today.

For buyers considering a new home in Atlanta and the surrounding areas, I can help! Ask me

anything about the neighborhoods — as a native, I know them all, and I can help you find the

right fit. Plus, you’ll want to subscribe to my content, full of interesting Atlanta information.

I’m looking forward to your feedback on the new site and the chance to work with you (or even someone you know) very soon.

And remember - no matter what the real estate journey is - you can “choose a lane and win with Duane!”

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